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Whether it be a a corporate incentives dinner, cocktail party, product launch or year-end function, a classy musical act can really add that special touch to the occasion. Over the years, Shout Music Company has provided quality entertainment for the following clients:


  • Acoustic means that no PA system is used. The ensemble would perform using their amps and the saxophone/drums would play without sound reinforcement. This is normally fine for background music during cocktails or dinner at a wedding or when people would like to chill and chat over drinks at a corporate event. If you would like a PA system for the ceremony or for any other reason, we do rent these too. 
  • The sound amplification included in these quotes (where applicable) is for up to 150 guests or so. If your event has more than 150 guests, additional sound amplification may be needed depending on the size of the venue, in which case we'll gladly obtain a separate quote for you from our trusted sound companies. 
  • When it comes to a DJ booking, we send you our DJ form which is where you can indicate your taste in music as well as important items such as the entrance to the venue and first dance songs. 
  • DJ bookings can be used before 18:00 or after midnight, in which case overtime is charged.
  • Transport costs are included in the packages within a 50km radius of Cape Town. If the venue falls outside the radius of 50km's of Rondebosch in Cape Town, then transport costs at standard AA rates will be charged, per artist, per kilometre.
  • These rates do not include referral or booking fees to agents outside of ShoutMC.com. We believe in a transparent booking processes. If you are a booking agent, feel free to add your commission over and above our rates to your client.
  • Booking of our artists is subject to their availability. We have a team of professional, experienced, burning musicians whom we regularly book in order to offer the music packages at more than one location on any given day. If all the good guys are unavailable, we'll let you know.
  • If the performance falls over a mealtime, the artist(s) and technician(s) will need a main meal (staff catering or fast food takeaway is unacceptable).
  • We are happy to perform out of town, but please note that depending on how long it takes to travel to the venue and how late the performance will end, accommodation may be required. The fees may also need to be quoted according to the situation.
  • For the live musicians, a set is taken to mean a minimum of 45 and a maximum of 50 minutes of play time per set. 
  • The artist(s) are booked for their time, not only the amount of playing they do. If you would like the band to play a set at 14:00 - 15:00 and another 18:00 - 19:00 for example, that is a five-hour booking, not a two-hour booking.  
  • A signed contract and 50% deposit will be required to secure your booking.
  • Times can be adjusted to suit your requirements, although if any of the bookings are extended by more than 20 minutes (whether beginning earlier or ending later or a combination of both), overtime rates may be charged.
  • The artist(s) will need to be placed in a performance area within 20 metres of a working power point because the equipment needs electricity in order to operate. It is the venue or the event co-ordinator's responsibility to ensure that the area designated for the artist(s) is within 20 metres of a working power point. ShoutMC.com and their artist(s) will not accept responsibility for failure to perform if electricity it not provided.
  • The artist(s) are happy to perform outdoors or in fairly unusual places/setups, but will not perform in direct sunlight without adequate shade covering (such as umbrellas or a gazebo), in gale-force winds, rain, freezing or stormy conditions. Not only is it uncomfortable to perform in those conditions, but it is also bad for the equipment and could lead to malfunction/damage.
  • None of these rates include additional staging or dance floor hire. We are happy to obtain a quote from some of our trusted service providers if you would like these.

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