Shout Music Company offers a few hand-selected classical duos (2-piece bands) comprised of some of the finest artists in the city. The duos perform primarily classical music, but each of them also have their own personal selection of light pop and familiar music, which varies from ensemble to ensemble. Please feel free to request a full set list from us.

One can choose from instrumentation such as violin and cello or violin and guitar. Some of the pros of booking a two-piece classical ensemble, is that the band is mobile, cost-effective, Eskom-proof (i.e. the band can play without electricity if need be, although amplification would be necessary for larger gatherings) and is the type of ensemble that will add a touch of class to any wedding or event.

This type of ensemble is perfect to welcome your guests on arrival before a wedding ceremony, perform the processional and recessional songs, although additional charges my be incurred if the songs are not part of the ensembles repertoire in order to obtain/transcribe/rehearse the music. Allow them to continue to treat your guests post ceremony at the canapés/cocktails while the bridal couple have their photo's taken or even have them create a sophisticated, romantic mood during the reception dinner. The ensemble could as easily work for cocktails at a corporate event or to surprise your spouse with something special for a big birthday or special party.


Violin and cello or violin and guitar.


Traditional classical music, light jazz standards and a bit of contemporary pop.


Minimum 2m wide by 1m deep.


A touch of class on guest arrival at the ceremony, wedding ceremony, post-ceremony cocktails or a corporate event.


All our artists are hand-picked for their years of experience, passion and personal study of music. In addition to that, many have B.Mus and M.Mus degrees and vast experience in the professional arena.


1 x 60 min set over a maximum of 1 consecutive hours
2 x 50 min sets over a maximum of 2 consecutive hours (20 minute break)
3 x 50 min sets over a maximum of 3 consecutive hours (20 minute breaks)

*Please feel free to discuss alternative performance times with a representative from and we can advise or quote accordingly.


The string duo normally play acoustically (without amplification). Feel free to top up the booking with a sound system if you'd like them to be amplified or a for larger audiences.
If the artists' performance falls over a mealtime, then a main meal will be required for each artist.