DJ Danx is a Shout Music Company stalwart, having sound engineered and tech’d more than 50 ShoutMC weddings and events. A rocking DJ in his own right, DJ Danx has been enjoying rave reviews from bridal couples, birthday celebrants and corporate event clients. DJ Danx’s secret weapon is ability to rock a dance floor, his flexibility and open minded taste to so many different genres of music.

Using our ShoutMC DJ Form, all the ShoutMC DJ's prepare specifically for each wedding or event according to you and your guest's taste in music. DJ Tanner is also able to combine with our ShoutMC live musicians to bring you our "Noughties" Packages, where our DJ's jam with live instrumentalists.

All DJ’s are professionals, happy to take requests, read the dance floor, use state-of-the-art Electro Voice (E.V.) PA systems, Shure wireless microphones, Beamz lighting and smoke machines and most importantly, love a good party!


I personally back DJ Danx! I'll never forget the time a bride and groom didn't book a DJ and the wedding turned into an all-out party. DJ Danx luckily had his laptop with him and started DJ'ing the wedding from the sound engineer's booth... The bride and groom, as well as all their guests, wouldn't let him go!


August 2019